Importance of Social Media Marketing for Startups

Aaisha Arif
Publish Date:
October 3, 2018

Starting a business has never been simple, not now, not in the past. It requires hard work and devotion in terms of time, money and resources, to get people to start buying from a store. A few decades back the difficulties faced by startup companies for marketing their business were innumerable. From setting the price of determining distribution channels and describing product features and quality, they had to be very careful in dividing the resources and money spent on marketing.

The new era and its modern generation business professionals, however, put their faith in technology advanced tools. Here comes the role of social media where more than 2.8 billion active users around the globe make it or break it for you. This by no means can be denied that it is a powerful tool that changes the working mechanism of startups. Though the startup must have a creative business model, it also needs to send across the right message to the targeted audience, and this mode of reaching out to the right people is not just innovative but also provides with successful outcomes. The effect of social media on the development of new startups is strong to the point that it has been received as the real wellspring of correspondence with buyers.

Social media platform provides a numerous number of followers searching for products and services. This becomes an effective way of selling businesses where one will have the capacity to create quality leads that might be changed over into buying customers easily. The more startups engage with them on the social platform the more the customers will associate with the brand.

Social networks not only help users to communicate while keeping aside the social and local boundaries, but it also encourages that user-generated content is shared easily. This being said, a business community becomes as important as customers. Having a large number of followers on the blog and website makes it a better position for building a brand strong.

It is always out of curiosity that buyers are more interested to know about the face and story behind the journey of a startup, and social media is a great way to humanize a business and let consumers engage with it on a more personal level. A mere logo on a brochure might not connect the consumer with an idea, but sharing glimpses of ongoing projects and behind the scenes on social media sites might win their interest for good.  

A startup, however, should always focus on quality rather than quantity; hence benefits should be valued i-e providing something useful, shareable and interesting for the consumers. Larry Weber, Co-author of The Digital Marketer states his experience as, “Social tools are definitely worthwhile for startups. However, for society to be effective, companies must be able to wrap their products and services in well-designed experiences that people can get excited about and share with their friends.” An example is of Burberry, which has introduced their new cosmetic line to costumers via Burberry Kisses. It was a social experience that allowed people to send kisses digitally to whomever they wanted by using facial recognition technology. Sending was an experience in itself where the person who sends the kiss can choose from Burberry’s lipstick shades from their latest beauty collection, for their lip print.  Location data enabled the sender to see their message traveling through a three-dimensional space, a landscape including local landmarks and views from the street until it reaches its destination.

Social media tool gives freedom to analyze and optimize the content to go. Not only is it learning curve for startups but they also learn from others mistakes. One can get insights into what their competitors are up to and what is working for them.

It has been an interesting transformation over a few years that have occurred in the world of business where companies are spending maximum resources to be incorporated into making the connections on social media platforms rather than wasting their time on traditional marketing. A recent survey on the internet says that nearly 50% of the surveyed businesses are utilizing more of their time on social media marketing, while 55% of them are using it for generating lead and engaging their customers. In short, social media is a golden ticket for startups where one can let aware of their existence with lesser problems.


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