Tips to make a Social Media Marketing Plan

Athar Ahmad
Publish Date:
September 26, 2018

Marketing is another important action for a startup, spending money to get customers vs the limited resources available. When the two combines together, startup founder feels its difficult, but remember its not impossible.

So what should a startup do for increased sales, the answer is “Social Media Marketing”.

The type of marketing is easy and accessible to anyone. In Pakistan, there is the another advantage of the increasing rate of the online users, as most of them are young. However, the changing demographics has made a change in the customer behavior as well. Customers are looking for communication and dialogue, their voice must be heard or they will come back with a vengeance on your feedback section.They will read the message or watch the video for few seconds before they scroll through to the next available item. Startups need to be able to retain their customers that they are also willing to share the content.

There are 5 basic steps for making a successful social media plan:

  1. Observe
  2. Reflect
  3. Define
  4. Engage
  5. Analyse
  • Observe: Start listening to the customer’s conversation on your social media platform. What makes them share your content and what makes them stick to your page? The key to a business success lies in the fundamental need of the customer. These days the customers want it cheap and ready. It’s all about the perception and the value they will get from the product.


  • Reflect: Use social media insights to develop your content strategy. Understand the different types of customer should be your starting point. Startups need to define and make customer personas of their target markets. Once you understand your market, it will be easier to develop campaigns that leads to tremendous results.


  • Define: Set out your goals & objectives that the campaign has to achieve. Successful marketing strategies include objectives. Remember each social media campaign should have only 1 goal and multiple objectives to be achieved. This ensures the success of the social media campaign as the customer is not confused among various messages. The more they are filled with content the more quickly customers are lost.


  • Engage: Once the parameters are finalized, it’s time to kickoff the campaign. Like any other campaign, it best to analyze the results. The ultimate beauty of social media is the ‘responsiveness’, it allows startups to have a close feedback from the customers. Any query,comment or remark can be replied instantly, helping build the deeper connection with customers that leads to brand loyalty.


  • Analyse: Finally, it is the time to look back and check the results of the campaign to measure success. Deep and careful analysis is the key. Understanding of the results help in planning marketing campaigns. It provides valuable insights on the target market and preference, it provides with information on the best channel for marketing and communication.

Another important thing to keep in mind, while working on the above mentioned steps, is to keep an eye on your competitors. Understanding them and their content can help in the development of the goals of the campaign and objectives.

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