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Irum Hassan
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Cafe Ijaza is a small little café with a vibrant touch located at the heart of Centaurus Mall Islamabad, Pakistan. Headed by Fouzia Khursheed and her husband as owners alongside . . .

If you want to go long in your entrepreneurial journey. It is suggested that you share it with the right people. And by sharing it with the right people means finding the right cofounder for your startup business.

If you are lucky enough to pitch your idea in front of an interested party. You wouldn’t be wanting to mess up. What you need to realize here is that someone is actually giving you their time . . .

First things first, your startup needs a name for it to be launched in to the market. The name of your business has to be powerful so that it has a tremendous impact on how your customers view you. is an initiative of Pakistani field veterans who want to give back to the society and empower the startup founders of today to become the icons of tomorrow.