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On 9th January 2019, the third stage of the Pakistan Startup Cup took place in Lahore. The best 25 startups which were shortlisted from previous stages were given the opportunity to present their startups at the Pitching Session. A panel of esteemed judges and mentors gathered to witness and score the startups on the basis […]

Propergaanda After assessing the media industry in Pakistan, the propergaanda team got tired of the way content was being curated and consumed. The founding team including a marketer, a dentist and a creative junkie got together and challenged themselves to change it. Their content strategy is simple: they don’t run away from issues other people […]

Pakistan Startup Cup 2018-19 Chooses Islamabad Top 12 after an energetic Pitching Session of the Top 25. The Selected Top 12 are: VISUM is a pair of smart glasses for the blind and visually challenged people to help them overcoming the barriers of blindness through an audio feedback Stella technology gives healthcare payers & providers access […]

” No child will ever ask you to read a newspaper at bed time. They want you to tell them a story. So do your consumers ” – Bharat Avalani Bharat Avalani, fondly known as ‘the memory collector’ is a serial marketer from Malaysia with over 25 years of experience in Brand Management, Consumer Insights, Media […]