Rafeh Umair
Publish Date:
July 14, 2017

StartUpdotpk Talk Series is a podcast of the inspiring talks by experts from the world of entrepreneurship. We present you the opportunity to Learn, Unlearn and Relearn the Rules to Build a Successful Startup in Pakistani Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.

Recently we had an opportunity to chat with Mr. Faisal Sherjan who is the Director, LUMS Center For Entrepreneurship, as well as co-founder of Patari, Bookme, XGear, AutoX, Cfx, He is among the famous entrepreneurs of the country and an active member of startup community.

In conversation with Mr. Faisal Sherjan he emphasizes on the importance of pivoting. According to him; when you generate an idea, there are few guidelines which needs to be followed and the key guideline is pivoting. Pivoting refers to the shift in strategy, when you enter the market, technology may remain the same, basic concept may remain the same or you may have the same target market but you want to do things in a different way. This flexibility trait is a key deciding factor that makes an individual a true entrepreneur. Facebook Community
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